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File Containers

idb allows for the manipulation of files, or "file-like" entities on iOS Targets.

File Containers​

A "File Container" represents a view into an iOS target that behaves a lot like a remote or mounted filesystem. The files that are presented within a container can be manipulated in the same way, regardless of the type of the container for consistency of functionality between them. iOS Simulators & iOS Devices support different kinds of containers, as well as containers that are common to both Simulators and Devices.

The table below lists all of the available containers and to which iOS targets they apply:

--applicationThe container of all installed "Application Sandboxes". These are bundle ids corresponding to installed Application home directoriesβœ…βœ… (Only for Applications installed with a signed with a Developer Profile)
--crashesThe container for Crash/Diagnostic reports. This can be used to view and pull crash logs from a deviceβŒβœ…
--disk-imagesThe container for developer disk imagesβŒβœ…
--groupGroup containers are shared directories between applications and are prefixed with reverse-domain identifiers (e.g '')βœ…βŒ
--mdm-profilesA container representing installed MDM ProfilesβŒβœ…
--mediaThe container for Photos/Videosβœ…βœ…
--provisioning-profilesA container representing installed provisioning profiles on the deviceβŒβœ…
--rootThe root filesystem of the targetβœ…βŒ
--springboard-iconsA container representing the layout of items on the home screenβŒβœ…
--wallpaperA container representing wallpaper installed on the deviceβŒβœ…

File Operations​

All operations on a File Container are relative to some "root". What this root represents will vary depending on the container type specified. For example a --application container will present a root with subdirectories for the "Application Containers" of installed Applications. The --disk-images container presents a root with all mountable "Developer Disk Images" as well as a directory representing the currently mounted disk image.

Copying files into a container​

idb file push --application dest_1

Copies one or more files from the host to the relative destination path within the container.

Copying files out of a container​

idb file pull --application dest.txt

Copies a single file from the container to the host.

Moving files within the container​

idb file mv --application dest_1.jpg

This will move two image files from the root of the container, to a destination subdirectory within the container.

Make a new directory​

idb file mkdir --application

Creates a new folder within the apps data container.

Remove a path on a target​

idb file rm --application

Removes the specified paths within an apps data container.

If a folder is specified to be deleted, all of its contents will be removed recursively.

List a path on a target​

idb file ls --application

Returns a list of all the files present within one or more directories.