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Guided Tour

This is a quick start guide to show you a glimpse of what idb can do. If you haven't installed idb already please refer to installation.

Let's start with finding out what simulators/devices are available on your Mac. This will print out all the simulators on your Mac and all of the devices attached.

idb list-targets

Boot any one of them.

idb boot UDID

Try any of the commands below and make sure you pass --udid to run them with the correct simulator.

idb launch
idb record
idb log

Now let's try to run tests. This will install the test bundle provided on the simulator.

idb xctest install Fixtures/Binaries/iOSUnitTestFixture.xctest

To verify that it's been installed correctly just run

idb xctest list

Run the tests by issuing these commands.

  • run logic would just run the logic tests
  • run app will run the app tests
  • run ui will run the ui tests
idb xctest run logic com.facebook.iOSUnitTestFixture
idb xctest run app com.facebook.iOSUnitTestFixture